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It is believed that the redevelopment of the square in front of the Town Hall can only go through the complete redesign of its operating logic, the critical rewriting of its margins and, above all, the “construction” of three-dimensional wings and facades that articulate its void. In the recovery of the large landscape systems of the territory, it is hypothesized that the new Piazza di Livraga could be articulated in the same way as a large green room, three-dimensionally “excavated” within an artificial planted wood.


By conceptually returning the space to the countryside, to which it belonged until the end of the 70s, it seems interesting to build the suggestion of a defined open place, contained and protected by three-dimensional facades, not made of stone and marble, but made of trees.

A large stone-paved area measuring 35×55 m will be laid out on the ground in a north-south direction so as to recover perfectly the alignments with the facade of the municipal building, therefore called upon to participate in the composition and to close the reservoir of the square with a “backdrop” in this case really built and inhabited. Three green facades and one architectural facade will therefore design an unprecedented “three-dimensional” space, clear and measurable, well circumscribed, easily understandable in its functioning.


The dense forest with regular planting (according to a two-dimensional matrix of 7×7 m) will surround the sunny space of the pavement with regenerating shadows, simple and minimal, perfectly visible and controllable, free from three-dimensional elements with the exception of only the vertical stems for lighting the evening hours and night.

The full light of the square will alternate with the fresh half-light of the wood planted all around, a new and desirable green lung, a sort of large plant head which, as if to sanction the termination of the original agricultural system which came from the south-east flanking the ditch Venus finds its paroxysmal manifestation here.




Chronology: 2022-2023 Project, under construction

Category: Public spaces, squares

Architectural Project & Landscaping: Tomas Ghisellini, Lucrezia Alemanno, Paolo Beniamino De Vizzi

Technological Plants: Sandro Formignani

Hydraulic Invariance Project: Simone Scarabelli

Artistic & Building Direction: Tomas Ghisellini, Paolo Beniamino De Vizzi

Graphics: Lucrezia Alemanno, Giorgio Barba

Visual: Lisa Giolitto Cereser



Livraga (Lodi), Italy


under construction


Municipality Of Livraga