Giorgio on site

Our team member Architect Giorgio Barba on site in Legnano (Milano) while visiting one of the six public areas to be redeveloped and redesigned by GA

landscape under construction

A january morning view over the building construction of our new contemporary urban park GREEN KILOMETER, to be completed soon

new life coming soon

A glimpse to the cleaning ``destruction`` on the Livraga building site, where our project FOREST JUMP is going to draw a brand new public space.

A.A. Photoshooting

A glimpse of the cool photoshooting of Apartment A, a studio-home just a few minutes from the historical center of Lecce, in the Salento area.

from outer space

Unidentified Flying Object coming from outer deep space and landing on our countryside in the form of an enigmatic architecture...

100% handmade

A metal constructive detail coming from one of our interior projects while being made by the hands of a highly skilled craftsman.

after the rainstorm

GA team member Giorgio Barba being a little thoughtful during an urban inspection under the sunlight (right after a rainstorm)

simplicity that kills

Detail of a wall with contrasting arches inside a historic building in Salento during the renovation and redesign process

Hey Mr. President

Tomas Ghisellini being the President of the jury of the InArch 2023 prize in the Tuscan section.

hot site inspection

Lucrezia Alemanno and Tomas Ghisellini freely chatting on a ``casual`` site inspection in a very hot Lecce afternoon

materic preview

The JENGA detached villa project was preliminarily represented with a pigmented technical concrete model

not afraid to work

Our founder personally assembling the set-up for the thirtieth anniversary exhibition of the Ferrara Faculty of Architecture

the shining

View of the study model in resin and natural brass for the SUPERNOVA international competition project


Simulation of the interaction between natural light, artificial light, materials and reflections for the WHITE DIGGER project

velvet exhibition

Detail of the Ghisellini Architetti spot within the exhibition at the Palazzo Della Gran Guardia in Rovigo, with blue velvet

making of a public space

Photo shoot of the work in progress for the construction of a public space with a fountain in the province of Lodi

construction process

An unpublished shot of the new primary school we built close to Bergamo, during its very complex construction

thinking big!

A preliminary study image for the project of the new GREEN KILOMETER urban park, on the outskirts of Milan

people first

A peek at the just completed installation of the PEOPLE FIRST IN ARCHITECTURE exhibition at the Cultural Farm in Favara

cool study model

Before presenting it to the client, we visualized the Villa S project with a very cool plexiglas study model

mad photoshooting

Our founder in a break from the photo shoot dedicated to the transformable furniture of the LOFT A project


An image of the DERMA photographic exhibition by Michele Ronconi, at Villa Vendramin-Calergi, with setting by GA

in the making

A vaulted space of the Salento tradition is transformed by our project into a contemporary domestic ``place``

paris with love

An image from the exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, where we exhibited MÉNAGE À TROIS