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What We Do

We create careful and sensitive architecture

We believe there is no real architecture without deep roots. We cannot design any transformation of the world without carefully getting in touch with the light, the scale, the proportions, the scents, the materials and the people of the place where it is supposed to be born.

We feel like a new era for architecture is not only needed but inevitable: a time for significant necessity, strong values and ethical content. We think we can go back to basics just to build the future.

Our last year’s main activities:

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We design interiors made for people, not for us

We sincerely believe in the power of fine interior spaces in making everyone’s life better. Home is where the heart is, and home is where the soul finds peace, restoration and protection from the outer world’s everyday battles.

For this reason we struggle in designing tailor made-for-people interiors, a fine expression of the needs and desires of their inhabitants, not the architect.

We redefine landscapes in a creative way

Landscape is the place where we are all born and grown up, the magical everchanging stage where most of our lives are played. Whether it is a plain country, a mountain chain, a sandy beach, a deep lake, a dark wood or a dense city one, we cannot exist but with it.

We have a great responsibility to take care of our living spaces, redefining them with creative and proactive approaches. In this way only we can hope to leave future generations with a world worth living for.

Our clients are:

  • Public Municipalities
  • Private Societies & Investors
  • Private Citizens
  • Associations