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Are you craving for getting in touch with Tomas? You have the amazing opportunity to learn from him by attending his exclusive one-to-one masterclasses.

The masterclasses are individual and dedicated to the themes of contemporary architecture, interior design, project communication and professional management.

You can request single/multiple participation in silver or golden masterclasses, even asking for the “live spot” to meet Tomas in person!

You can win a free masterclass by sharing our work via Instagram, using both our tag @ghisellini_architetti and the hashtag #masterclass. Monthly winners are nominated. The more you share, the better your chances of winning. Try your luck!

Choose your topic

You can choose from a series of specific lectures (contents and titles revealed by request), or ask for a masterclass to be held with the “let’s talk!” formula, thus dedicated to an open dialogue on hot topics, professional advice or even the reviewing of personal materials.

Chat freely with Tomas, face to face, on what you consider really important to you, ask questions and give vent to your curiosity about contemporary architecture and the construction of your “brand”.

Learn more

To learn more about lectures, topics, schedule, personalization and prices please drop us your email and let us give you all of the information you need.