The project creates a new mineral paved front tangent to the perimeter fence of the primary school with a masonry base and vertical panels in painted iron and constituting a new dry and safe pedestrian connection axis between Via Verdi (to the south) and Via Martiri della Libertà (to the north ); definition of a new marked pedestrian passage directly connecting to the Piazzetta Caduti della Repubblica currently intended for public parking.

A new continuous and regular green surface is created, conceived as a place of mediation between the appurtenances of the municipal villa and the new paved area next to the primary school; the new green belt, of considerable planimetric thickness, will be planted – for continuity and homogeneity with respect to what pre-exists in the northern areas of the municipal residence – with specimens of lime tree; the permeable soil will be affected by the hypothetical planting of rustic shrub species (with high resistance and reduced maintenance needs) and sown with resistant grassy species in shaded areas; locally the horizontal surfaces can be superficially finished with quarry gravel and colored crushed stone of medium-small grain size.

The intervention also creates a composite protective shelter near the entrance gate to the exclusive external appurtenances of the school complex; the roof, in modular elements and specifically designed with single circular elements, will be made of metal and highly durable technical materials with the aim of creating an area protected from bad weather for waiting for pupils and parents to enter and exit the school . The shelter, positioned externally to the border of the school complex fence, and in such a way as to generate a sheltered area right in correspondence with the entrance gate, will be a modular, modular structure, expandable over time, completely reversible and easily maintainable.




Chronology: 2020 Project, 2021 construction

Category: Public Spaces, squares

Project: Ghisellini Architetti

Agronomic Consultancy: Gianluca Cesari

Photo: Tomas Ghisellini



Fiesso Umbertiano (Rovigo), Italy




Municipality Of Fiesso Umbertiano