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PEBA Officially Presented

Officially presented to the public, in the presence of the Councilor for Public Works and the Sole Procedural Manager, the PEBA – Plan for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers of the Veneto Municipality of Rosolina.


The Plan, drawn up over a period of almost a year under the guidance and coordination of Tomas Ghisellini and Michele Ronconi, presents itself as a fundamental opportunity for knowledge and mapping of the entire municipal territory today, thus constituting a critical tool for its future urban development.

Accessibility evolves into a new urban quality generative instrument

The PEBA by GHISELLINI ARCHITETTI for the city of Rosolina elaborates for the first time a strategic vision according to which accessibility to all categories of weak users evolves into an expedient for the implementation of more structurally coordinated interventions in the direction of increasing the urban quality.

photo © Michele Ronconi