The Court Of Trees

Saving a precious green space from destruction, the project densifies a compact architectural edge on the road, concentrating each built mass right on the border and carving out a suggestive hidden courtyard right in the heart of the intervention. Here the trees planted, each one, on the occasion of the birth of a child, survive; here the collective feeling continues in a certain sense to regenerate itself; a kind of urban “fortification” guards, protects and grows the most priceless treasure of the community.
The building assigns the task of perceptive variety to the combination of several materials, as if the complex derives from the assembly of different constituent parts. In this way the children are given the opportunity to live in a kind of small citadel, a “village” of their own with which to build relationships of emotional sharing day by day.
The building, inflexible in establishing a rigorous relationship of dialogue with the urban environment, gives inside light and colors, soft and welcoming spaces, protected patios, loggias and panoramic terraces.
Specific constructive and technological measures give the complex energy autonomy, recovering solutions belonging to the wealth of knowledge of Mediterranean architecture and a responsible attitude towards the exploitation of environmental resources.




Chronology: 2008 Competition Project, 2009-2010 Design, 2011-2012 Construction

Category: Public Buildings, School

Project: Tomas Ghisellini

Technical Team: Beatrice Bergamini, Nicola Gallini

Collaborators: Cristina Haumann, Michele Marchi



Cenate Sotto (Bergamo), Italy




Municipality Of Cenate Sotto