The theme of living is central to the conception of private and public space, especially in times of crisis. An openness is needed, the birth of a constructive debate that highlights the difficulties associated with living and that stimulates the search for creative solutions. The goal is to leave behind the old paradigms of architecture without forgetting the path taken up to now.


The title and cover image of this book purposely recall a dystopian and catastrophic scenario with the intention of causing a rupture, a positive transformation. For this reason Urban Suffering aims to highlight not only the weaknesses of contemporary urban constructs, but, through a critical process, intends to highlight their strengths and the possibilities of transformation in critical contexts with a transdisciplinary approach. In this sense, the intention is not to give answers, but, on the contrary, to ask questions to explore, without prejudice, the new opportunities to inhabit the public and private space of our cities and our architectures.


With essays by (non-exhaustive list): Tomas Ghisellini, Daniele Menichini, Benedetta Medas, Katia Accossato, Mauro Andreini, J. Andrés Flores Centeno, Luca Barontini, Giacomo Beccari, Gianluigi Chiaro, Vincenzo Bernardi, Giulia Bertolucci, Carla Broccardo, Marco Buratti, Patrizia Catalano, Alessandro Gaiani, J. Antonio Lara-Hernandez, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Alessandro Melis.


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2022, December


Architecture Paper and Digital Publication


National Multi-Author Essay Collection


Daniele Menichini, Benedetta Medas