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The project for the new public park in Mulazzano aims at creating an inclusive and safe urban space, a protected and passable place where the complex of new collective activities that the local community is called to cultivate can be concentrated.


A network of pedestrian paths innervates the green area, generating a rich and dynamic “fabric” of movement, always different at every step. The system of “paths”, penetrating from the main directions of approach to the park, generates a multifaceted and articulated circulatory system that allows you to cross the area in any direction and from any point you come from. The paths wind around themselves, drawing ring convolutions that cut out a series of specialized circular surfaces on the ground: inside, a series of functions and opportunities for use related to outdoor play, leisure time, activity physical, relaxation and more generally the well-being of the person. It is a place for which the dimensional depth of the spaces, the variety of equipment offered and the quality of the landscape events will constitute a decisive added value.


The historic wall remains as an iconic and ordering presence, establishing the characters of the margin and regulating the incoming flows. Inside, a landscape of innovative functional, formal and landscaping matrix rewrites the characteristics of the contemporary public park: no longer a closed and timed place, a remnant of a replicated and protected landscape, but an open and transparent place, a dimension of sharing and well-being, a territory of encounter and exchange.




Chronology: 2022 Project, 2023 Construction

Category: Public Spaces, urban parks

Architecture and Landscaping: Tomas Ghisellini, Lucrezia Alemanno

Agronomic Project: Gianluca Cesari

Electrical System and Public Lighting: Sandro Formignani

Structural Verifications: Beatrice Bergamini

Graphics / Visual Art: Giorgio Barba / Daniel Di Segni



Mulazzano (Lodi), Italy




Municipality Of Mulazzano